And so it begins ...

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. A large conversion project I've been working on has entered the final steps of the first phase.

The company I work for is taking on a big chunk of Conseco Inc's long term care claims processing, and I've been on the conversion team for awhile now. The last couple of months have been freaky busy.

As of right now, the gears of the conversion have started turning, so the next few days will be exciting as we watch all our hard work coming together.

Blessed Beltane!

Blessed Mayday everyone ^_^

This is a big spring cleaning weekend for me and April - I'm headed out to the blacksmithy right now to start filling a big dumpster with 120 years of old farm stuff.

Ugh :P

I just finished fixing our two toilets ... ick.

New handles, new seats, new worky bits ... they're both ready for another couple of years and look all shiny and new.

But, seriously; ick.
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